Rams’ New Cheer Squad Exclusive Photos and Video!!

Last night, the Los Angeles Rams held their final cheerleader auditions at the Forum in Inglewood. 28 finalists were selected from 66 candidates. My personal favorites from this year’s roster include Brandi R., Chelsea, Cherise, Giordana, Mandi (probably my all-time favorite), Megan, and Sativa-Skye (a very close second). Their talents can all be thoroughly evaluated in this quick video clip posted on the Rams official web outlet an hour ago.

Sativa Skye: We have a winner!
Sativa Skye: We have a winner!

Here is the new complete Rams Roster for the upcoming season:

Alexandra M.
Amanda L.
Andi R.
Ariel D.
Aubrey A.
Bianca C.
Brandi R.
Brandi W.
Brittany W.
Chelsea T.
Cherise I.
Giordana G.
Jennifer P.
Justene A.
K. Shardia W.
Linette F.
Macall M.
Mandi M.
Megan T.
Melissa P.
Michelle S.
Micki J.
Samantha O.
Sativa-Skye M.
Shelbie K.
Stephanie E.
Valerie Y.
Zandra T.

Here’s a good look at last night’s bikini final:


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