Bay Area Native Jared Goff, New Dodgers Fan

Last June, lifelong San Francisco Giants fan Jared Goff threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium to Yasiel Puig, drawing the ire of his friends residing in their native Northern California, die-hard Giants territory. In the past year since, much has changed in the landscape of LA sports. The Dodgers are on a tear this season, timely hitting and dominant pitching have vaulted them to the best record in baseball, while the Giants have faded to the cellar of the NL west. Goff is expected to be the Rams starting quarterback this season, and has begun to warm up to the local baseball team. “I’ve somewhat adopted them as my second team now, as hard as that is to say,” Goff said of the Dodgers after a recent practice. “It’s really hard to say.”

Goff returns home Saturday to face the Oakland Raiders in a preseason game that begins at 7 p.m. PT. He grew up in Novato, California, roughly 30 miles north of Oakland. He expects “a bunch of my friends” to attend the game, several of whom are displeased with his latest baseball loyalties. He wants to make one thing clear.

“Any time the Giants are playing, I’m rooting for them,” Goff said. “But yeah, the year the Dodgers have had has been exciting for the entire city of L.A. There are a couple guys on the team that I am friends with. I’m rooting for them. If their team wins, I’m excited.”

Goff’s father actually played 6 seasons in the major leagues, for the Expos, Pirates, and Astros. On May 12, 1996, he allowed 6 passed balls in a single game, tying him with catchers Rube Vickers and Geno Petralli for the single-game record. He had 2 hits in the game, including a home run, but was demoted to the minors 5 days later, never to appear in a big league game again.