Rams Practice Squad Roster

Omarius Bryant is an undrafted free agent out of Western Kentucky who managed 63 combined QB pressures as a senior in 2016, second in the nation only to Redskins first-rounder Jonathan Allen from Alabama according to Pro Football Focus.

The practice squad concept was first invented by legendary Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown. Also called the “taxi squad”, it consisted of a group of young players with potential, who failed to make the roster but were kept on reserve. Mickey McBride, owner of the team at the time, put them on the payroll at his taxi company, although they didn’t actually drive cabs.

The Life of a Practice Squad Player – Quick Facts:

  • Practice squad signees practice alongside active roster players during the week, but they are not allowed to participate in actual games.
  • They can be paid significantly less than active squad players; in 2012, the minimum salary for a practice squad player was $5,700 per week, and the minimum rookie salary was $390,000. Some practice squad players are paid noticeably more, however. 
  • Practice squad players are free agents; they can be signed to any team’s 53-man roster at any time during the season. In other words, NFL teams are free to “poach” other teams’ practice squads without compensating the teams, with one exception: a team cannot sign another team’s practice squad players if they are playing against each other in the immediate future, a restriction that prevents using the tactic solely to steal game plans.
WR McRoberts played one year of basketball at Southeast Missouri in 2013-14.

Practice Squad

13 Brown, Fred WR 6-1 196 23 0 Mississippi State
67 Bryant, Omarius DT 6-3 315 23 R Western Kentucky
27 Johnson, Isaiah DB 6-1 207 25 3 Georgia Tech
19 McRoberts, Paul WR 6-2 197 24 1 Southeast Missouri State
72 Neary, Aaron C/G 6-4 301 24 1 Eastern Washington
47 Peterson, Kevin CB 5-11 180 23 1 Oklahoma State
39 Rogers, Sam FB 5-10 235 22 R Virginia Tech
56 Sickels, Garrett OLB 6-4 252 23 0 Penn State
53 Thompson, Carlos OLB 6-5 250 25 1 Mississippi

WR Fred Brown College Highlights:

-The Guru