Top 10 Quarterbacks in Rams History: Part One

Top 10 Quarterbacks in Rams History: Part One

#10 Billy Wade
Years: 1954-1960
Games: 69
Record: 13-23-0
Completion %: 54.0
Passing Yards: 8572
Touchdowns: 56
In 1958, led the league in passing yards with 2,875. Eventually, along with Del Shofner and John Guzik was dealt to the Bears.


#9 Pat Haden
Years: 1976-1981
Games: 65
Record: 35-19-1
Completion %: 53.6
Passing Yards: 9296
Touchdowns: 52
Lacking size and arm strength, he was selected in the 7th round of the NFL draft, after playing one season in the World Football League for the Southern California Sun. Never won a Super Bowl, eventually a broken finger in the 1979 season allowed Vince Ferragamo to step up and lead the Rams to a Super Bowl that year.


#8 Vince Ferragamo
Years: 1977-1984
Games: 62
Record: 26-18-0
Completion %: 56.7
Passing Yards: 9376
Touchdowns: 70
Ferragamo was the starting QB for the Rams in Super Bowl XIV against the Steelers, who eventually came back and won in the 4th quarter, powered by the arm of Terry Bradshaw. Came back the following season and passed for 30 TD. Went on to play for the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL in ’81, who offered him more than twice the money the Rams were willing to pony up.


#7 Sam Bradford
Years: 2010-2013
Games: 49
Record: 18-30-1
Completion %: 58.6
Passing Yards: 11065
Touchdowns: 59
The Heisman Trophy winner set a record for completions by a rookie, to go along with 3,512 passing yards that season. In 2012 passed for 3,702 yards and 21 TD. Injury and interceptions have plagued his career to this point.


#6 Bob Waterfield
Years: 1945-1952
Games: 91
Record: 14-8-0
Completion %: 50.3
Passing Yards: 11849
Touchdowns: 97
Played defense and QB during his first 4 campaigns with the Rams; picked off a total of 20 passes over the course of his career.  Also had 315 successful extra points and 60 field goals as a kicker. At one point was the highest paid player in pro football, when he was signed to a 3 year, $60,000 contract following the 1945 season.