Former NFL kicker Pat McAfee Explains how Hecker Perfected a Rare Punt During Week 1’s Drubbing of Colts

Punting in the NFL can be an art form, but former NFL kicker Pat McAfee wants everyone to know that Rams punter Johnny Hekker is a true master of this art.

McAfee, of the sports website Barstool, tok to Twitter on Sunday to break down a punt Hekker pulled off against Indianapolis in Week 1 that McAfee said was usually tried only in practice.

As Hekker dropped the ball to punt it, McAfee pointed out, he turned it sideways to give the ball a certain spin when it lands.

“He dropped this ball sideways to try to make it spin right,” McAfee said. “I’ve never seen anybody have enough balls to do this in a game because if you miss this, it’s going, like, 7 yards.”

Hekker, however, nailed the punt, which bounced out at the Colts’ 6-yard line, giving their offense awful field position.