Rams stadium could have the priciest tickets in NFL history

The under-construction Rams stadium will be the largest in the NFL, with seating for over 70,000 fans. Rendering courtesy Hart Howerton

The new Los Angeles Rams stadium, soon to be the largest in the NFL, could also be its most expensive, according to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Still under construction in Inglewood, the stadium won’t open until 2020, but the Rams organization is already studying possible ticket prices, as well as fees associated with season ticket purchases.

According to the Times, the team is considering charging between $175,000 and $225,000 per seat for the stadium’s most expensive personal seat licenses—one-time deposits that allow fans to purchase season tickets in the future.

Those would be the highest-priced personal seat licenses in NFL history, though they would eventually be refundable—50 years from the date of purchase.

After purchasing the license, buyers would be able to acquire season tickets for between $350 and $400 per game.

Rams fans looking to spend a little less than the price of a Ferrari on season tickets won’t be out of options. Under the proposed pricing scheme, personal seat licenses for the most economical tickets would start at $500—with the actual tickets costing $50 per game.

It’s not clear yet whether Chargers fans will face similar costs. The team, which moved from San Diego to Los Angeles this year, will share the new stadium once it opens, but team executives haven’t figured out a pricing plan yet.

Plans initially called for the new stadium to open in 2019, but construction delays pushed the date back to 2020. Because of the delay, NFL team owners voted to bring the 2022 Super Bowl to Los Angeles—rather than the 2021 game, as originally planned.

Once complete, the stadium will be nearly 3 million square feet in size, with seating for 70,240 fans—and up to 100,000 people in standing-room only scenarios.